Interactive Summer Parties

March 12, 2020

Offering your guests a chance to become part of the entertainment and fun at your summer party is a sure way to enhance their experience and cement their fond memories of your event. But how do you choose the right interactive experiences for your brand and invitees? We’ve selected some of the best examples we’ve seen here at No.4 Hamilton Place, plus some ideas we really want to try, so take a read and see which ones could work for this year’s summer party.

Build your own…


Not an entirely original idea, but one that will be used time and time again because it works on so many levels. Your guests will enjoy having their pictures taken with their friends and making the most of the wigs and silly glasses. The takeaway hard copies will also help your guests remember the fabulous night they had at your party!


It is worth considering other takeaways for your guests too such as a make your own flower posy or decorating a coffee mug. This can be something related to your event theme or it can tie in with a core company value such as sustainability or wellbeing. We recently gave away little packs of strawberry seeds so that guests were reminded of our fantastic garden terrace and our excellent in-house catering team, Blue Strawberry, as they watched their plants grow!


To help create a fully immersive experience for your guests, you could get your serving staff to dress up to complement your theme. This can be particularly effective at summer parties as they are typically fun and brightly coloured events. Some clients hire entertainers to circulate amongst their guests which is a great way to help create a party atmosphere and to get different groups of people talking to each other.


Nothing gets a party going and people talking more than a little bit of friendly competition. Quizzes, games and challenges come in a wide variety so there’s bound to be one that suits your staff. Outdoor party games like Giant Jenga, croquet and oversized four in a row will give your invitees the chance to make new friends and have a bit of fun. More organised games that involve your entire party are also great as they will give those who may need a little encouragement to socialise the same opportunity.

Interactive summer party ideas at No.4 Hamilton Place

To talk to our team to discuss their ideas about how best we can create a truly interactive summer party for you and your guests, please call them on 020 7670 4314.


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